Sunday, November 20, 2011


3rd graders are wrapping up their 'Monster Mama' portraits this week and beginning new projects. 
I love this lesson for a few reasons: 

1. It was shared with me (and the other elementary art teachers over the years) by Linda Bradshaw, Retired Art Teacher from Hopewell Elementary School. I really enjoyed working with Mrs. Bradshaw and find her to be an extraordinary teacher and person.

2. It is a great example of how to blend art and literature

3. The kids love this project!

I started out by purchasing a copy of "Monster Mama" by Liz Rosenberg on I was lucky and got a copy of this hard to find book at a great price. I couldn't wait for the book to arrive as this lesson MUST be taught AFTER reading, looking at and discussing the story and accompanying illustrations.

Next, we worked on drawing a screaming face of correct proportions followed by smudging the skin with oil pastels. 
The following week we had a blast adding the hair using watercolors and straws to blow the crazy hair. 

Check back for finished portraits!

Blow painting w/ straws @ BT
Ready to create the crazy hair

I love the mouth on this one!

Blow painting


  1. I love this and no doubt the kids do too! Now, to find my own copy of Monster Mama. : )

    1. Thank you for the comment. The kids do love this project. Check on from time to time and you might find the book at a reasonable price! Good luck :-)

    2. You look like an amazing art teacher! Rock on! ;)

  2. How do they put down the paint before they start blowing it? Or do they add water to the water colors and just dip the straw in the watercolor? Does enough paint go on the straw for them to blow?

  3. This project was great! Did the kids have a rubric?

  4. Would love to read your replies on the questions about initial paint application (Jen Hunsaker) and rubric (Laura). Love the project!