Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kind of Cute but Meaningful Nonetheless

My Toll Gate 5th graders started the Mandala, radial design project today that I blogged about a few months ago with one group of student at Bear Tavern.

So I am demonstrating and explaining what a Radial Design is and the kids got so excited because Radial Symmetry was a topic on their NJASK standardized test they had this morning. They got a bit sidetracked for a few seconds as they chatted about what the right answer was on the exam. So cute they were!!
Later in the period, I was discussing the pros and cons of the use of a symbol in their radial designs and mentioned that when viewing art with symbols, it can be reminiscent for the viewer (ex. If you use a symbol of HV and then move out of Hopewell Valley, every time you see your art with the HV symbol, you will remember the times before you moved) in a positive or negative way.
 Again, some of the kids were so excited because "reminiscent" is one of their current vocabulary words in 5th grade.

The meaningful part. It is important to be aware of the various topics that students are learning in their respective grade levels to help them to secure the information,  grasp the learning and really understand it.

I love when kids are excited about connections that they make in their learning.

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