Monday, September 15, 2014

Unlocking Mona Lisa

Boy do I have some art history buffs here! We are learning about Mona Lisa and friends as we kick-off a unit on portraiture. It's been over 10 years since I've been to the Louvre in Paris but it's personally nice when I can share information about art that I have seen the original version of. Several students have travelled to Paris recently which was neat to make the recent connection. How do you spell "so much fun"?!

Ok, so on the art room door, I've had a poster of Mona Lisa for years. I put her there because she is insanely famous and fit so nicely at the entrance with different messages I have coming from her smile.
I projected her picture today and asked the kids who has seen her image before and where. I was so glad that most hands went up and with answers like "on my mom's umbrella! On the art room door! I have that painting at home!"
I asked the kids what they liked about the painting and what they observed. So glad they noticed her soft veil, the amazing background, her missing eyebrows and her traveling eyes.

Outside my window I hear kids in after-care talking about Mona Lisa and the secret codes...

Back on track, the kids were so observant and so intrigued. Well come on, a painting behind bulletproof glass that is priceless and has eyes that follow you??!

We talked and talked and talked. And they didn't mind their Mona homework either. I am really looking forward to doing 6 different self-portrait projects at once for this years Square 1 Art projects.

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