Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Basquiat & Sneakers at The Brooklyn Museum

I finally made it! On my list of exhibits to see since written about in the NY Times this past spring, I've been wanting to head out to The Brooklyn Museum to check out Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks.

The exhibit was inspiring but not as full as I had hoped.

I love the limited color palette that Basquiat used and his iconic organization of drawings and writings.

And, well, of course just being in Brooklyn is inspiration in itself. Visiting family in Williamsburg and Park Slope is always a fun journey. The rooftop gardens, the colorful graffiti, lovely outdoor restaurants and pop up street fairs. It's so easy to get lost in the warm feeling of being on the block.

Just as much (if not moreso) as the Basquiat exhibit, I really liked The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit. 
It was... Well, COOL.

Looking at my own kicks, I felt that I could use a slight upgrade as these sneakers were quite a piece of art in themselves.
The Basquiat exhibit has now concluded but the sneakers will be at the museum until October 4.

Can't wait to tell you about both when school starts in a couple of weeks.

Mrs. Johnson

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