Monday, December 12, 2011

Sneak Peek @ Art Room Mural and Collaborative Circle Paintings

I am surprised that I am up posting right now as today was an exhausting day. The kind of day I would not trade for anything but I am tired. 
The art room was double booked all day today and will be again tomorrow to make sure that all of my 1-5 grade artists are able to meet Will "Kasso" Condry, Muralist, to view him painting a mural in the art room "live" and to participate in a collaborative circle painting project that I am running. Busy, busy, busy. 
All that were in the art room today know one thing with certainty---> Will Condry is quite incredible.
Before I fall asleep, here are a few photos from the day. 

Update: June 28, 2013. This blog post has been VERY popular due to Pinterest and has generated thousands of page views for this blog since Dec. 2011. If you create a project inspired by this post, please share your results and link back! Have fun!

.....and now..... Kasso mural sneak peek...and he's not nearly done....
He painted in these expressive circles the "skeleton" for this section of the mural in minutes. 

student asks a question to Will Condry while he paints

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artist-in-Residence: Will "Kasso" Condry of S.A.G.E Collective

Starting next week and lasting for a few days, Will "Kasso" Condry, founder of S.A.G.E Collective, a group of phenomenal mural artists responsible for dozens of incredible exterior murals in Trenton, Philadelphia and New York will be working with a small group of students to develop ideas for a mural in the art room. Students and staff at Bear Tavern will have the opportunity to watch Mr. Condry paint the final mural live and insert the student created designs.
S.A.G.E Collective recently completed commission work in Hopewell, NJ on the Highland Farm during the Hopewell Tour Des Arts. See below for a video of the two days worth of painting!

We are looking to commission Mr. Condry and S.A.G.E Collective to do an exterior mural this spring and to bring the Bear Tavern students, staff and families together to assist with the painting-a true community project. Stay tuned...

I mentioned that all students would be able to view Mr. Condry painting live next week. While Mr. Condry is painting, we will be doing collaborative circle paintings.
I first learned of the Circle Painting organization a few years ago and love, love, love their work. The spiritual nature of circles/self coupled with working on a painting as a group is awesome.
Although the Circle Painting group is not coming to Bear Tavern (yet), we are going to do our own!
See below for a nice clip on Circle Paintings