Friday, August 28, 2015

Letter to Basquiat

This simple letter that Keith Haring wrote to Jean-Michel Basquiat is so powerful.

The second paragraph and more prominently the last sentence is thought provoking.

In my classroom, I hope that my students feel that they are creating art for themselves.
Generally, they tend to be thinking of a person that their creation will be FOR before the pencil or brush hits the paper. They are such sweethearts. The kindest , most thoughtful people. 
But it's through the process of enjoying what they are creating where I hope they get selfishly lost. 
Not every person (child or adult) can get in a comfort zone to allow themselves to get lost but as an Artist, it is an incredible feeling.
I tell my students a big chunk of the journey that I've taken to become the educator and artist that I am. It may be hard for them to appreciate but I hope that they do someday. 

Until then, I just hope to create an environment that encourages creativity and ideas and support. And, I hope that they enjoy the process of creating because that joy is incredible....whatever the style, wherever the location.... Just keep creating and be happy.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crafty Evening

I'm a bit sleepy as you can see but had a great time with the Spirit Committee working on our new staff t-shirts this evening! Every year staff and students receive new shirts generously funded by the PTO.
We met in June to design this year's shirt and they are awesome.

I can't spoil the surprise but can show you that we personalized the shirts. We had several irons and boards out and went to town ironing on staff names. 
It was quite a production and ended up being a great time. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shiny New Supplies

Unpacking supplies was really fun this year. I forgot what supplies I had ordered until I started opening the boxes and then remembered that it was not only a Sharpie supply year but a fun year in general to stock up on some new types of supplies! 
One of the boxes that I opened last week had some of our Sharpies and they were packed on top of each other without additional wrapping. The colors that jumped out of the box was unexpected and exciting. Gold, silver, neon, rainbow, fat and thin. I literally felt as though I was in the Sharpie aisle at Staples.

The other funny thing about unpacking supplies this year was that I thought I'd gotten through everything and then the custodians come in and say "your clay order is here!" Uh, it wasn't a clay order, it was the remainder of my regular order.

The way the companies pack, sometimes I'll receive a single pencil packed in a box 500 times its size. So, with this unexpected palette, I didn't know what I'd find... 10 pencils?

Can't wait to show everyone our new art stuff- lots of fun new and old goodies. 

See you soon!

Basquiat & Sneakers at The Brooklyn Museum

I finally made it! On my list of exhibits to see since written about in the NY Times this past spring, I've been wanting to head out to The Brooklyn Museum to check out Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks.

The exhibit was inspiring but not as full as I had hoped.

I love the limited color palette that Basquiat used and his iconic organization of drawings and writings.

And, well, of course just being in Brooklyn is inspiration in itself. Visiting family in Williamsburg and Park Slope is always a fun journey. The rooftop gardens, the colorful graffiti, lovely outdoor restaurants and pop up street fairs. It's so easy to get lost in the warm feeling of being on the block.

Just as much (if not moreso) as the Basquiat exhibit, I really liked The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit. 
It was... Well, COOL.

Looking at my own kicks, I felt that I could use a slight upgrade as these sneakers were quite a piece of art in themselves.
The Basquiat exhibit has now concluded but the sneakers will be at the museum until October 4.

Can't wait to tell you about both when school starts in a couple of weeks.

Mrs. Johnson