Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shiny New Supplies

Unpacking supplies was really fun this year. I forgot what supplies I had ordered until I started opening the boxes and then remembered that it was not only a Sharpie supply year but a fun year in general to stock up on some new types of supplies! 
One of the boxes that I opened last week had some of our Sharpies and they were packed on top of each other without additional wrapping. The colors that jumped out of the box was unexpected and exciting. Gold, silver, neon, rainbow, fat and thin. I literally felt as though I was in the Sharpie aisle at Staples.

The other funny thing about unpacking supplies this year was that I thought I'd gotten through everything and then the custodians come in and say "your clay order is here!" Uh, it wasn't a clay order, it was the remainder of my regular order.

The way the companies pack, sometimes I'll receive a single pencil packed in a box 500 times its size. So, with this unexpected palette, I didn't know what I'd find... 10 pencils?

Can't wait to show everyone our new art stuff- lots of fun new and old goodies. 

See you soon!

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