Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Doodle 4 Google

Hey there Bear Tavern Doodlers! It's Doodle 4 Google Time!

2014 Challenge Statement: If I Could Invent (Create) One Thing to Make the World a Better Place....
This is the 5th year that as a teacher I have participated in Doodle 4 Google and our 4th year at Bear Tavern. I love this contest because it is a wonderful challenge to organize a concept into crystal clear images that work around the "Google" name. As an Artist, you are answering a question through your wonderful illustrations (drawings)....
Make sure that each and every illustration SUPPORTS your theme clearly. Be super NEAT and ENJOY thinking of an idea.
This year, the challenge is to invent ONE thing to make the world a better place.
Wow, what will you invent???
What does the world need???
What doesn't it need???
As a young but important citizen, where do you think there are problems in the world and how can these problems be fixed???
I am looking forward to seeing your illustrations and am excited that some of you have already submitted designs.
Below are links for information and extra forms.

Click for a copy of the entry form

2013 Winner
Last years winner did a fantastic job. The challenge was to illustrate "My Best Day Ever"
What was this artists' best day ever?
How can you tell?
Check out the background, isn't it neat how she used the "O" as the sun?
What country is this artist from? How can you tell from her illustrations?

I hope that you will discuss your ideas with your family. Be open to suggestions on ways to wrap your illustrations into the letters (like the "O" as a sun and the man as the "L" in the entry above) or into the background.
If you need to borrow supplies, let me know! The sky is the limit (markers, pastels, paints, colored pencils, and any 2D medium).
Have fun doodling!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Do This: Gear up for our Artist-in-Residents

The Home Depot 5-gallon buckets say "Let's Do This"! i took this as a special omen for our next Artist-in-Residency that's getting set to start for my 4th graders.
 I am so pumped and excited to host Pauline Houston-McCall, Artist extraordinaire and her rock star counterpart Robb McCall of Raising Music. 
Raising Music? Yup, we are doing an Art/Music collaboration that is going to be incredible. Collaborating further, I asked the art and music teachers at nearby Toll Gate to join us in this residency. Stay posted for updates next week! My colleague and buddy, Gillian Beck and I are collecting a massive amount of these 5-gallon buckets for one part of the musical portion of the residency. I am super excited to have a fellow hunter/gather in Gillian.
 Here's her blog: The Heart of Life
Pauline Houston-McCall is one of the most amazing art educators. I saw a piece of work done by a private student of hers and proceeded to hunt her down despite not knowing her name.
Eventually, I met her and we almost immediately started planning this residency. 
Hopefully the weather that is taking New Jersey hostage will not put too much of a wedge into our plans. Stay Posted!