Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Do This: Gear up for our Artist-in-Residents

The Home Depot 5-gallon buckets say "Let's Do This"! i took this as a special omen for our next Artist-in-Residency that's getting set to start for my 4th graders.
 I am so pumped and excited to host Pauline Houston-McCall, Artist extraordinaire and her rock star counterpart Robb McCall of Raising Music. 
Raising Music? Yup, we are doing an Art/Music collaboration that is going to be incredible. Collaborating further, I asked the art and music teachers at nearby Toll Gate to join us in this residency. Stay posted for updates next week! My colleague and buddy, Gillian Beck and I are collecting a massive amount of these 5-gallon buckets for one part of the musical portion of the residency. I am super excited to have a fellow hunter/gather in Gillian.
 Here's her blog: The Heart of Life
Pauline Houston-McCall is one of the most amazing art educators. I saw a piece of work done by a private student of hers and proceeded to hunt her down despite not knowing her name.
Eventually, I met her and we almost immediately started planning this residency. 
Hopefully the weather that is taking New Jersey hostage will not put too much of a wedge into our plans. Stay Posted!

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