Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Doodle for Google

Stay tuned for info on how we will handle Doodle for Google this year at Bear Tavern!
This will be our third year....first year we had a state finalist....maybe this year someone will win it all!
An email blast was sent out by Mr. Arcurio this week containing all of the information that you need. I will discuss the contest with students each day next week.

Grade 5: Pandas

This time of year, I am not in Valentine's mode. Oh no, I am full on Chinese New Year. Well, last year more so but by Chinese New Year (Sun, Feb. 10), I should have at least 3-4 grade levels who have completed a project for Chinese New Year or a piece of art inspired by an Asian artist.

I am really excited for and proud of my fifth graders. They are doing such a nice job of being patient with themselves and drawing lightly as they feel through drawing panda bears.

Ultimately, these drawings will have a painted background.

Check back for finished art

Grade 1: Ice Skating Penguins

First graders are currently learning about penguins in their homerooms so it is a perfect time to draw them in art! We talked about penguin facts and their habitats. We viewed where different types of penguins live on the world map and even observed penguins on the Smart Board at Sea World via a live cam.

We worked to assemble our penguin drawings by combining simple, geometric shapes as the foundation. We added smooth lines to connect our shapes and added fun, cartoon style accessories. Here are the projects that are almost done.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Choice: Painting with Water

Some class periods, my students have time towards the end of the class period for a "free choice" project. Many will choose to draw or use blocks. I recently added these boards to my classroom for my kids to paint on using water. It's been a fun exercise in having them learn to be creative with each mark they place on the boards. 

Grade 2: Clay Nests and Animals

The joys of clay. The kids love it, I love it. It's the perfect material in so many ways over here at Bear Tavern School!

My second graders are working on clay nests and an animal to go inside. It's a fun project to review the pinch method of handbuilding ceramics and the proper way to secure pieces of clay.
Their imaginations were in full force with this project and they all did a fantastic job.
Estelle's (2L) is relaxing and holding a mini cell phone
Henry's (2L) was built really well

I love the pose on this one by Aldo (2L)

Next up is glazing their creations and then they will have to decide to take them home or leave them at school for the 50th Anniversary Art Show.

Clay Supply Organization

I am feeling proud of myself this wonderful Monday morning because I finally organized my everyday clay supplies into two crates. Before, they were organized but not nearly as well.
Over the weekend, I cleaned/organized underneath the bathroom sinks at my home and had extra energy for organizing coming in today.
My second graders are doing a clay project later today and I know they will be excited to see some of the supplies we use in these crates.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shells for the NJ Shore: Update

Artists with big hearts rock!!!!

To date Bear Tavern artists have raised $2,250 being sent to rebuild schools 
on the NJ Shore. We will do another push in the spring!

It may seem like a lot or a little to you but, guess what?
We have partnered with other schools in the state and our current total is $22,390.13!
All from the sale of shell magnets and shell inspired art made by super rockin', amazing children.

Click here to view press articles
Shout out to Suzanne Tiedemann, the super Art Teacher in South Brunswick, who started this initiative. I hope to meet you sometime soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grade 3: Starry Night

Van Gogh is my favorite painter and one of my very favorite artists. My 3rd graders put in major work to create broken lines showing expression in their skies indicating the direction of their wind gusts. We talked quite a bit about Van Gogh and looked at several of his paintings.


Tots on Tour: Clown Fish

This weekend for my Tots on Tour class at Grounds for Sculpture, we discussed Clown Fish, where they live and their physical characteristics. 
Here are some of the paintings that the kids created (plus one from a middle school aged sibling) before I took the children on a nice, long tour.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy, busy but beautiful times!

We have been so busy in the art room (what else is new!) that I have not posted as much recently. We have been working on a mosaic for our school to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bear Tavern. We have been so productive creating tiles and working on art projects. It's been an incredible time and we are looking forward to completion!
I will blog mosaic results in the next few months.