Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wash Your Paint Brush!

All teachers (and parents) have their pet peeves. Dirty paintbrushes left upside down in the paintbrush containers is turning into one of mine. It has happened less and less as I remind the students of brush washing expectations, the short cuts that some (don't let it be you!) students take and the help of our art room mascot holding up this sign near our most used sink. :-)

I'm not quite sure why but the kids really respect the cow?!
Maybe because they think the cow is silly?

Maybe because the cow had a crush around Halloween they though was cute?

Probably because the cow knows that Art Rocks!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Almond Branches

One of my very favorite Van Gogh paintings is 'Almond Branches'. The painting was a gift for his Nephew. I just love the thought of him creating this beautiful, floral painting for a boy and every time I see this painting, I think of my son. For as long as I've loved this painting and for the amount of time that I stood looking at it like a cliche of a museum-goer, it never struck me to do a project around it. Standing in the hallway at Bear Tavern looking at the space where we are to create a wildlife mural, I noticed these eight, drab looking panels in the space above and in between our mural destination. Something has to go there, but what? A sky?! Not a corny old sky! Then it hit me Of course not a corny sky, a sky that is beautiful, strong and delicate! Almond Branches in a sky! And there you have it!

 It's circus week so my classes are a bit choppy. 3rd grade this morning only had art for 20 minutes. I promised our next project was a clay project so I didn't want to move on to something else or give a free art period. So, I spread out eight large pieces of paper and served them three scoops of paints and let them mix up the perfect blue sky. Wash the tables, wash your hands and on line for the assembly!
On comes 5th grade a few hours later. Same thing, but with slightly more time. Just enough that the half dozen or more hands that wanted to participate were able to enjoy painting the branches and flower petals.
I will hopefully be able to install some of these beauties tomorrow between lunch and the end of the day. Just can't wait!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grade 4: The Great Wave Continued...

Here are the Great Waves in progress that I blogged about back on Feb. 1 Click HERE for original post. They are coming along beautifully. Each student is maintaining certain characteristics from Hokusai's woodblock design but creating their own interpretation. I know I get excited easily but WHOA, these kids are doing quite an incredible job...and this is just a small sample of their paintings! Next week, we will finish painting and define the pieces before we move on. 
Will 4M

Mason 4M

Tanner 4M
Cameron 4M
How could I forget, the 4th graders are reading a book called "The Big Wave" in the 4M class. They were so excited to see "The Great Wave off of Kanagawa" in the cover art.

Hall display

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Parade of Artists

Too often I hear a student casually mention that their parent is an artist or mention enough to give indication that their parent or family member is super artsy, even if not by profession. 
Mrs. Majkowski teaches a special workshop on making jewelry with sea glass
I would love to meet and work with these parents whenever we can make the time..they should not be hiding if they are willing to teach a workshop to their child's class or to a grade-level!
I have implemented this program/resource at my school called 'Parade of Artists' which will be a database of local artists and super crafty people who have interest in presenting workshops or being guest speakers at Bear Tavern. I would love to compile these artists and share the lists with other schools in my district so that we can all 
My Principal, who is a rock star Principal in supporting art and creativity, just sent the info below to families so we'll see what response comes in but I am excited to bring even more artists to the school!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Technology Ramble and 3rd grade teachers rock mumble

Tomorrow, we're getting set to complete (or almost complete) our Native American Chief portraits in my 3 Machado group with my other 3rd grade groups close behind.
I will post pictures of the completed project but wanted to post my review Prezi for you to see.
Technology is a huge blessing for art teachers. I remember in my years as an undergraduate having to spend a HUGE amount of money making posters and prints of famous art to complement my lessons. I feel very fortunate to have access to technology(Smart Board) in my classroom and access to iPad for each student, laptops, scanners, and so much more. I'm not looking to brag, but it great to work for a school district so strong in technology.
Ramble, ramble. This slideshow is a super short but is used to REVIEW and DISCUSS before moving on to the final stages of my lesson.
Click here to access my Prezi and then click the blue "Present" button in the tope left corner

Oh, and let me add, it feels awesome to complement the subject area learning via art. The 3rd grade teachers at my school are AWESOME! I almost melted seeing the longhouses that a couple of the classes built using bamboo. I almost missed the creativity happening in 3rd grade as I was not getting out of the art room much. So glad I did as the timing on this lesson is perfect.

Pictures soon, and I am creating a technology resources page to file powerpoints, prezi's, etc.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Grade 4: The Great Wave

I am not trying to be melodramatic at all but a great wave of emotions poured over me today as my 4th graders worked so beautifully on their Great Wave renditions.

We are not quite done, probably at the almost halfway mark on this project but I am just so inspired, in love with and proud of the results being produced.

Hokusai is one of my two favorite Japanese artists. I love and appreciate the technique of creating a woodblock print. What a tremendous skill level he had!
To read more about woodblock prints and Hokusai, click here
We discussed why Hokusai might have been inspired to create a woodblock of a Great Wave. Looking at the map of Japan made the guesses fly right in. Tsunami's are quite interesting. Check back for updates as we begin to paint!
Taylor 4M, Drawing for her Great Wave

Grounds for Sculpture: Weekend Arts and Crafts

Come on over to Grounds for Sculpture on Saturday, February 2. I will be teaching a fun little workshop from 12-3pm about Groundhogs. There will be other Groundhog related activities running as well.