Thursday, February 14, 2013

Almond Branches

One of my very favorite Van Gogh paintings is 'Almond Branches'. The painting was a gift for his Nephew. I just love the thought of him creating this beautiful, floral painting for a boy and every time I see this painting, I think of my son. For as long as I've loved this painting and for the amount of time that I stood looking at it like a cliche of a museum-goer, it never struck me to do a project around it. Standing in the hallway at Bear Tavern looking at the space where we are to create a wildlife mural, I noticed these eight, drab looking panels in the space above and in between our mural destination. Something has to go there, but what? A sky?! Not a corny old sky! Then it hit me Of course not a corny sky, a sky that is beautiful, strong and delicate! Almond Branches in a sky! And there you have it!

 It's circus week so my classes are a bit choppy. 3rd grade this morning only had art for 20 minutes. I promised our next project was a clay project so I didn't want to move on to something else or give a free art period. So, I spread out eight large pieces of paper and served them three scoops of paints and let them mix up the perfect blue sky. Wash the tables, wash your hands and on line for the assembly!
On comes 5th grade a few hours later. Same thing, but with slightly more time. Just enough that the half dozen or more hands that wanted to participate were able to enjoy painting the branches and flower petals.
I will hopefully be able to install some of these beauties tomorrow between lunch and the end of the day. Just can't wait!!