Friday, February 1, 2013

Grade 4: The Great Wave

I am not trying to be melodramatic at all but a great wave of emotions poured over me today as my 4th graders worked so beautifully on their Great Wave renditions.

We are not quite done, probably at the almost halfway mark on this project but I am just so inspired, in love with and proud of the results being produced.

Hokusai is one of my two favorite Japanese artists. I love and appreciate the technique of creating a woodblock print. What a tremendous skill level he had!
To read more about woodblock prints and Hokusai, click here
We discussed why Hokusai might have been inspired to create a woodblock of a Great Wave. Looking at the map of Japan made the guesses fly right in. Tsunami's are quite interesting. Check back for updates as we begin to paint!
Taylor 4M, Drawing for her Great Wave

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