Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grade 4: The Great Wave Continued...

Here are the Great Waves in progress that I blogged about back on Feb. 1 Click HERE for original post. They are coming along beautifully. Each student is maintaining certain characteristics from Hokusai's woodblock design but creating their own interpretation. I know I get excited easily but WHOA, these kids are doing quite an incredible job...and this is just a small sample of their paintings! Next week, we will finish painting and define the pieces before we move on. 
Will 4M

Mason 4M

Tanner 4M
Cameron 4M
How could I forget, the 4th graders are reading a book called "The Big Wave" in the 4M class. They were so excited to see "The Great Wave off of Kanagawa" in the cover art.

Hall display

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