Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Technology Ramble and 3rd grade teachers rock mumble

Tomorrow, we're getting set to complete (or almost complete) our Native American Chief portraits in my 3 Machado group with my other 3rd grade groups close behind.
I will post pictures of the completed project but wanted to post my review Prezi for you to see.
Technology is a huge blessing for art teachers. I remember in my years as an undergraduate having to spend a HUGE amount of money making posters and prints of famous art to complement my lessons. I feel very fortunate to have access to technology(Smart Board) in my classroom and access to iPad for each student, laptops, scanners, and so much more. I'm not looking to brag, but it great to work for a school district so strong in technology.
Ramble, ramble. This slideshow is a super short but is used to REVIEW and DISCUSS before moving on to the final stages of my lesson.
Click here to access my Prezi and then click the blue "Present" button in the tope left corner

Oh, and let me add, it feels awesome to complement the subject area learning via art. The 3rd grade teachers at my school are AWESOME! I almost melted seeing the longhouses that a couple of the classes built using bamboo. I almost missed the creativity happening in 3rd grade as I was not getting out of the art room much. So glad I did as the timing on this lesson is perfect.

Pictures soon, and I am creating a technology resources page to file powerpoints, prezi's, etc.

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