Friday, January 30, 2015

Grade 4: Radial Designs

4th grade just finished their rotational/radial designs this week. I have another class and a half who need to finish but they all worked really hard on these. 
Using color pencils, my students created a design using simple lines and shapes. Just like last year, the designs, color schemes and overall product was as individual as my super star artists.

I am really, really proud of how focused and hardworking my students were to achieve their results and with absences and days off galore, I am particularly impressed with how so many students took the initiative to complete their designs outside of class. 

Here are some of my 5th grade girls Curating the display. (Not sure what I'd do without them!)
... And yes, that's Devin behind the glass.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grade 3: Value Words

In third grade, we've been working on monocramatic value studies. For this project, we selected a positive word that could fit inside of 4 square spaces.

They learned a super easy way to draw block letters and set about drawing the letters. I have to say, I was happy at how excited some students were to draw their awesome block letters. Next, they selected a color to make tints and shades from. Most students used a color that was different from their value puzzles  (see earlier post).
However they spin it, monocramatic color schemes are so pleasing to the eye and the range of colors is impressive! 

I joked with this talented student that she was so focused (and so close) to her project that she could probably smell the paint and good thing she didn't wind up with paint on her nose. 
"Hope" and "Love" were fairly popular words. The kids wanted to do "Swag" but the focus was more on positive vs. just fun/cool words.

So, now my value making masters are set for the next challenge. 

Random Mumble: Hands off this Day of the Week

Every year, there's always a particular day where your classes never seem to meet normally. As always, this year, it's Monday. 
Between holidays and half days and whatever else, I am feeling very territorial about my Monday classes because I will barely see them this second half of the year!! Now we have snow on the horizon threatening to take what days I do have. 
Mumble, mumble. We're all in the same boat as Special Area teachers- just gotta roll with it- but it's tough!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Teen Studio= Best Night Ev

Last week began my first Teen Studio class.... it was a perfect mix of art making, laughter, candy, good conversation and reminiscing. We spent an hour and a half together creating slab lanterns and sculptural roses. I honestly couldn't tell you which project was more fun- they balanced each other so well. 

It was great working with current students and catching up with students I've had in school before. I enjoyed the special quality of seeing my girlz outside of school and in the beautiful studio space at The Painter's Loft Studio. 

Till Next week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grade 2: Winter Cardinals

Early last month, the super second graders finished these gorgeous paintings of cardinals. Using the iPads, we viewed cardinals and learned about the types of foods they like to eat. We reflected on how excited we are when we see a red bird fly by-- it's always a cool sight.


We analyzed a cardinal and figured out the many different combinations of simple shapes that make up its body. From there, my lovely students set out to draw their cardinals and built an interesting composition using trees in the backgrounds. 
One of my favorite parts of this lesson is always in the branches. However, this year, I really enjoyed watching my students explore mixing colors to make the scene feel cold. They shared lots of ideas- even among classes- and I think they turned out beautifully!
Keep up the great work 2nd grade!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random Mumble: Thanks Deep Space Sparkle!

I'm so tickled that the amazing Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle featured my Cezanne lesson plan on her page this week!

With Cezanne's birthday on Monday, she did a post on "Cezanne Inspired Lessons". Patty is an incredible art teacher and blogger. 
Here's the link to her full post:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Have an Artful New Year- My New Year Wish!

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you so much for making this blog a part of your lives in whatever capacity you need. I appreciate hearing your feedback on posts and seeing many of this blogs lessons circulating on the Internet and on Pinterest!
My wish is that each of you have an Artful 2015 filled with learning about new trends in art, exploring new materials and enjoying creating art in the company of others!
This month, I am super excited to begin teaching art classes at local studio- The Painter's Loft. It has been something that I spoke with the Owner, Cindy Laliwala about close to two years ago but never came to be. I wrote a tiny bit of curriculum for her and participated in a really fun "girls night" painting party and am now excited to teach 2 classes for her this month. 
The first is a 7-10 year class with a focus on clay, drawing and painting and the second is a sculpture class for middle and high school students. 
If you are local to Pennington, NJ, check out her website at