Friday, January 2, 2015

Have an Artful New Year- My New Year Wish!

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you so much for making this blog a part of your lives in whatever capacity you need. I appreciate hearing your feedback on posts and seeing many of this blogs lessons circulating on the Internet and on Pinterest!
My wish is that each of you have an Artful 2015 filled with learning about new trends in art, exploring new materials and enjoying creating art in the company of others!
This month, I am super excited to begin teaching art classes at local studio- The Painter's Loft. It has been something that I spoke with the Owner, Cindy Laliwala about close to two years ago but never came to be. I wrote a tiny bit of curriculum for her and participated in a really fun "girls night" painting party and am now excited to teach 2 classes for her this month. 
The first is a 7-10 year class with a focus on clay, drawing and painting and the second is a sculpture class for middle and high school students. 
If you are local to Pennington, NJ, check out her website at

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