Thursday, January 29, 2015

Random Mumble: Hands off this Day of the Week

Every year, there's always a particular day where your classes never seem to meet normally. As always, this year, it's Monday. 
Between holidays and half days and whatever else, I am feeling very territorial about my Monday classes because I will barely see them this second half of the year!! Now we have snow on the horizon threatening to take what days I do have. 
Mumble, mumble. We're all in the same boat as Special Area teachers- just gotta roll with it- but it's tough!


  1. I totally get this frustration. I don't know if it would work but If specials meet on the same days can you swap some days... My schedule gets that way sometimes but it works out that the kids I miss are the kids who ALWAYS have keyboarding. When classes get really far behind we just work out a swap day. We have the teachers send their kids to the "wrong" place but it gets us caught back up... and the keyboarding teacher does to.

    1. Hi Jen,
      We may just have to do a swap! We've discussed having a rotating schedule as well but who knows if that will ever come to pass on the elementary level!
      I've kind of just told myself "it is what it is.." And For now...just continue to roll with it. It's just tough because I adore my Monday kids (like the Tues-Fri kids) so it's hard to know we're ultimately missing full projects