Student Teachers

I am sure you are confidant and very prepared but just in case you are not....
Relax, breathe, this is going to be such a rewarding experience!
You are clearly hip, wonderful, smart and fabulous...why else would you have selected to make Art Teaching your life profession??! 

What do I teach? We will review the HVRSD art curriculum for the grade level class that you will teach together and then you can present ideas for lessons! I will offer you many resources to compliment your lesson after your initial plan is submitted. It will be required that you teach something that you are excited about and is doable.

What do I wear? Please dress comfortably and professionally. Comfortable, washable, neat clothing that is easy to move in and also does not show your waist when bending or any chest when leaning. It's a good idea to wear a layering "tank" under any shirts you worry about lifting up.

Teaching Art can be the greatest job in the world. I really enjoy my job a lot
Here are a few of the rules that I live by daily:
1. Find a way to share the things you love. Art is such a general subject. What are your favorite parts of drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.? Try to incorporate the things you love into as many projects as possible.

2. Always listen to what ideas your students have. Why? Kids have FANTASTIC ideas and it's important for them to express ideas to you and talk about their interests. 
Naturally, you may not be able to do a lesson around each idea due to time constraints, what is appropriate for a certain grade level by curriculum, supplies and otherwise BUT kids enjoy school more when they are enjoying what they are learning.

On the flip side, listen to what they tell you to gain insight on an array of topics. Example: The substitute was really mean.... 
Talk with your kids. Sometimes they are not exaggerating and it's your job to make their lives as pleasant as possible.

I love when students think up a better way to do something than I had planned. I call it a "genius moment" when the kids give me a better, more practical way to do something that makes everyone's life easier and the project to run even better. Sure I could let my ego get in the way but for what reason? 
Usually I only have 1 genius moment each school year... this year I've already had three. 

3. Explore the art world a little each day. I haven't been to Paris in years. I haven't been to an art museum outside of NJ in a couple of months but I do spend time reading about art, materials and topics every single day. 

4. Switch up mediums! Some kids don't really like to draw. Some prefer to sculpt or paint. If you stick to similar materials for too long, kids can get really bored.

5. Never keep any kids work unless  you have equal permission from student and parents.

6. Share with the school and the world how fantastic your students are.