Friday, August 28, 2015

Letter to Basquiat

This simple letter that Keith Haring wrote to Jean-Michel Basquiat is so powerful.

The second paragraph and more prominently the last sentence is thought provoking.

In my classroom, I hope that my students feel that they are creating art for themselves.
Generally, they tend to be thinking of a person that their creation will be FOR before the pencil or brush hits the paper. They are such sweethearts. The kindest , most thoughtful people. 
But it's through the process of enjoying what they are creating where I hope they get selfishly lost. 
Not every person (child or adult) can get in a comfort zone to allow themselves to get lost but as an Artist, it is an incredible feeling.
I tell my students a big chunk of the journey that I've taken to become the educator and artist that I am. It may be hard for them to appreciate but I hope that they do someday. 

Until then, I just hope to create an environment that encourages creativity and ideas and support. And, I hope that they enjoy the process of creating because that joy is incredible....whatever the style, wherever the location.... Just keep creating and be happy.

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