Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer drawing challenge

Last week we started school! It feels great to be back so that we can continue on our art journey exploring, creating, imagining, and discussing what art truly is. 
I am really proud of my students who complete the summer drawing challenges each summer. 
This year, I gave close to 100 drawing prompts of which students completed as many as they wanted with the goal of 30 (one month).
Below are a few drawings by one of my lovelies. I cannot express how happy I was to flip through the pages of the carefully organized binders, folders and clamped pages. 
A little practice each day goes a long way!


  1. Love this idea! Do you have a list of the prompts you gave them from the summer?

  2. Yes! Please email me and I will send you the word doc. You can also see them on my post that includes them (June)