Friday, October 18, 2013

Grade 1: Fall Leaves

There are some projects (ok, you know me better...there are MANY projects) that I just cannot contain my enthusiasm for. These watercolor leaves made by my first graders is one of those projects. 
Watching them make decisions for layout, enjoy the process of using materials happily and successfully..... well lets just say this: I must have said "these are SO beautiful" at least 25 times. It got to the point where the kids were laughing at me. "Carlos, I love how you added just a touch of orange..your leaf looks so realistic!" "James, wow, you lightened the color in your background so well by adding water!", "Maeve, you swirled those cool colors together so nicely in the!" I couldn't control myself. Here are the kids in Mrs. McCann's class viewing their work that they knew I was rushing to hang up in the hallway....LUNCH CAN WAIT FOR THESE BEAUTIES!
1st grades view their freshly displayed work


  1. These are awesome! I love that they were done by first graders. It looks like the leaves are outlined in thicker paint. What did you use? Can you explain the process of how you made them? I'd like to try it with my kids. I love the blog, but would love to see you offer details of the process so that others could try at home.

  2. Hi there,
    I'll be honest, I couldn't document the process of this project because I was standing admiringly and could not break away for even a moment
    But here's the artistic process after we discussed leaves and painting techniques: student lightly drew a few leaves aiming for at least one to be off of the page for a stronger composition. Next, glue was applied over the lines for a resist effect with watercolor.
    The kids really thought about fall leaf colors and how the colors change within a single leaf.
    Let me know how your project turns out and link back to art rocks! :-)

  3. Did you use Elmer's glue? Because when we tried it the Elmer's doesn't stay 3d ends up flat and invisible when dried. Or did you use hot-glue?

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Use hot glue.
      White Elmer's should work but it may be tough on first graders. Glue gel won't work at all.
      Good luck!