Saturday, November 1, 2014

Grade 5 (and Art in the Park) Candy Paintings

Fifth graders are finishing up candy wrapper paintings right now. The focus on these has been...sweet! 
I will post the images as they are finished but wanted to share photographs from this past summer when I taught a similar lesson during Art in the Park.
We began by selecting a wrapper that had a composition that appealed to each student and had awesome colors. 
This summer at Art in the Park, we did not have access to computers so the kids worked from real wrappers vs. my 5th graders had time to use online resources to find a wrapper from present day or decades ago.
My 5th graders cropped their wrapper down and enlarged the image onto to their paper. 
We spent a full class period observing and drawing the enlarged design followed by fun times painting in the wrapper as realistically as possible. 

Yummy, candy wrappers drying in the summer air

Students hard at work carefully painting in their drawings

Stay tuned for more delicious results!

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