Saturday, October 3, 2015

An Awesome Share!

At the end of Art Enrichment on Thursday, we got a special treat. Leah's mom had a special tube under her arm with canvas prints of Perry Milou's.
With the sun setting in the background and my class huddled around to see the art, it felt like a more perfect day than it already was. 

The Art Enrichment classes began drawing and painting their landscapes. There were moments in both classes where my students were so intensely focused that you could hear a pin drop. I left for the weekend feeling energized and excited for next week. I literally can't wait to get back to these landscapes. I understand how the kids feel. To be separated from a project for an entire week feels criminal.

With the weather being what it is today (damp and windy), I am taking the time to do barely anything whatsoever beyond celebrating the end of hectic September. 
We have developed our rhythm in my classes and it feels great to be easing into our second and third projects.

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