Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bottle Cap Mural

We are all excitedly awaiting the installation of the plastic bottle cap mural that grades 1-5 worked on in June 2011. The final step before the mural is installed inside the visitors entrance to our school is a 2nd coating of fire retardant spray. The facilities department will spray the mural and then install it sometime in September. In the meantime, here are some facts: 
1. The Bear Tavern students, staff and families sent on about 8,000 plastic caps
2. Students sorted the caps by color
3. Students painted the background of the mural and glued each cap
4. Our scene depicts a bear in the wilderness
5. Bottle Caps are not easy to recycle because their plastic differs from the container that it seals.
6. We worked on the mural until the last day of school...the day in which the last cap was placed!
7. Mrs. Johnson reinforced thousands of caps with a screw so that the mural, when installed, is 100% touchable (no caps falling off!)
8. Making this mural was a LOT of fun
9. Bear Tavern kids are awesome
10. We used thousands of caps but not all of them
11. All of the caps are in their natural color..except for the nose of the bear which has acrylic paint on the caps.


Our Mural Was Unveiled in mid-September. It is now installed at Bear Tavern inside the Visitor's entrance to the building!
Here I am taking down the drop cloth to unveil our bottle cap mural


  1. I was wondering what kind of glue you used--We worked on a mural last year, but had a dickens of a time keeping the caps from falling off. I see you reinforced with screws, but did you use any special glue initially? Thanks...A lovely project! Beth T.

    1. We used liquid nails to hold them but you can use a much cheaper adhesive if you will reinforce the caps with a screw or nail. Originally, I did not plan to reinforce the caps w/ screws but started to worry about caps falling off.