Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Doodle Wall Takes Post

I am VERY excited that the first doodles have been added to our doodle wall. Let me zoom back a little before continuing....... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I enjoy doodling. It's relaxing, has no expectations and can dig into the total randomness of our being.
I love doodling as an Art Teacher because kids can appreciate the Elements of Design (line, value, color, shape, texture, space, form) and their instantaneous value in making a cool doodle or enhancing one. 

So, we are starting a DOODLE WALL. Right now it is located on the inside of the art room door. Students and Staff can doodle on a scrap piece of paper or on a post-it note using black Sharpie or a colored marker.
When done doodling, stick it on the doodle wall.
Once we have enough doodles, we will turn it into a mural to exhibit somewhere. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..............Now that you know why I'm so excited, I would love it if you encourage your child to randomly draw...on a napkin at a restaurant, in the car, whenever, where ever. Doodles will not have names on them unless the artist chooses to ad a name into the design. This is a group installation with only one rule...doodle. 

The Doodle Wall is temporarily housed on the inside of the art room door. Take a peek below

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