Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grade 4: Glass window update

I hope that many of you were able to see the fused glass window at the school Friday evening during the BT Circus. 
The window represents so many things to me that are important. The 4th graders worked individually to create their small glass tiles using all sorts of colored pieces of glass. Several staff members were able to create tiles as well to fill in the gaps.
Our Artist-in-Residence, Jessica Liddell, fused the tiles in her kiln and returned the tiles arranged as a rectangular window. 

Each tile is so beautiful. As a final piece, the combined beauty of the 91 tiles is easy to get lost in...easy to stand looking at the window with eyes traveling from each tile to tile feeling the power of it's beautiful glow. Each tile is different but has elements in common. 

Director of HVRSD Facilities installing window
As young artists, my students have so much in common but so many different ideas on how to arrive at a final product.
I like to think of my students as artists without a medium. They are still discovering all that art has to offer. Some are naturals with drawing or painting until they discover the possibilities of sculpture or duct tape.
What an exciting thing. 

The window was delivered on a Thursday afternoon and the Director of Facilities for Hopewell Valley installed the window for us personally. Having installed multi-million dollar stained glass window for some of the most expensive places, this installation was easy for him but no less important to us that we were not kept waiting for this installation. There is nothing worse to me than keeping beautiful art stored in a dark closet. 

The Bear Tavern administration, staff, community and offices have been so supportive of our arts efforts. 
Every single time the window is passed, it will be a reminder that we are so fortunate to have the resources and support to be artistic and create meaningful pieces of art that make our school beautiful for all.

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