Sunday, January 8, 2012

Projects inspired by upcoming Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year begins on 1.23.2012 this year. We've started working on creating projects that are inspired by China

5th grade will be creating ink drawings of Panda Bears and bamboo
4th grade is working on landscape scrolls using ink and tempera paint
3rd grade started practice drawings of bamboo and will create a larger composition of 3 bamboo trees next week.
2nd grade will be creating a composition of lanterns and refreshing their memory of creating tints
1st grade will create dragons

See below for pictures of 3rd graders working on their practice drawings utilizing bamboo brushes and india ink. We discussed the benefits of working with a reference photo close by to refer to in order to recall details about bamboo and the leaves. The 3rd graders are doing a great job and realize how tough it is to paint with permanent ink.

Aubrey M. working

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