Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grade 1: Blue and White Vases

I guess with it being spring, it's hard not to focus on projects relating to nature: trees, flowers and of course flowers in vases.
Tim and Jaina working hard
I saw a glimpse of a project at my daughter's school that her art teacher Ms. M worked on with students. It was a simple blue vase with flowers. Blue and white pottery is one of my favorite kinds. You should see our dinner plates! Anyway, I decided to teach a lesson incorporating geometric and organic shapes using the iconic blue and white colors. The kids seemed quite interested in hearing how in Ancient Greece the potters added designs to their vases in bands. We talked quite a bit about Contrast in art and why it's important. I also taught the 1st graders how to draw a vase in several ways. They all did an awesome job.
I will take more pictures in the next week and post the progress.
The green paper is for the background which kids divided so that their vases will actually look like they are sitting on a table. We will fill these vases with paper or painted flowers.

Flowers on my bookcase

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