Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st Grade: Tooth Fairies

End of the year crunch and I was only able to squeeze this tooth fairy project in with my 1st graders at Toll Gate.
Next Year, I'll make sure my new group of 1st graders at Bear Tavern gets to do this project as well.
I saw a tooth fairy lesson on Pinterest that I modeled this lesson after. We talked about portraits and discussed the zillion ways a tooth fairy could look. Boy, girl, young, old. Next, I showed students how to draw a basic face and how to divide a face so that the eyes, nose and mouth looked correct. We added a simple body, hairstyles, toothy grin, etc. and then outlined in Sharpie. Students started to paint when finished. Day 2 was to used to finish painting and add glitter. The homeroom teacher also came in to work on a class gift with students for the 1st grade room parents. It was one of the only times this school year that I used glitter in the art room. It's funny because I never shy away from messy projects but there's something about glitter that gives me nightmares! Anyway, I manned the glitter table where the kids came to add the right amount of sparkle into their almost finished portraits and there was minimal mess.
We were able to critique the tooth fairies as a class on day 2 before finishing them. I will post detailed photos later on...

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