Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art All Night: Opportunity to Check out Rory Mahon and crew

This year at Art All Night, Rory Mahon (Hopewell Valley's own) and his crew will do an iron pour. I find watching an iron pour to be simply amazing so it's a great opportunity for anyone interested in seeing how heavy duty metals are liquefied in a furnace and poured into a mold. Hot as lava!
Date: Saturday, June 16 @ 3pm until Sunday, June 17th @ 3pm. The iron pour is from 9pm-2am with the iron being poured sometime halfway in between.

There are a TON of events for children, families and then just adults later on. You can also submit any piece of artwork that you desire.

Here's the blurb and accompanying hyperlink for Art All Night:

AbOmInOg Intl Arts Collective presents The Live Iron Pour
Time: Saturday Night, 9:00pm - 2:00am
The Art All Night-Trenton 2012 Iron Pour once again reunites the forces of Art All Night - Trenton with the AbOmInOg Intl. Arts Collective, who first worked with Art All Night in 2010. That year, the crew from AbOmInOg Intl. amazed spectators by forging steel live throughout the night, as one-story-high orange flames enveloped Trenton's urban backdrop. This year’s Art All Night-Trenton festival marks the second historic collaboration between these two dynamic art forces as they once again bring the mesmerizing art of a live iron pour to inner city Trenton. The AbOmInOg team will also be pouring 75 cast iron, fresh-from-the-flames, limited edition medallions that will be available for sale at the Art All Night - Trenton retail station!

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