Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3rd Grade: Art Meets Rocks in our Parade of Artists Assembly

Some projects are meant to be. My most recent Parade of Artists assembly was definitely in the stars.

Talking with Mr. Kirwan, our wonderful School Counselor, about random artsy things, he mentioned a Photographer named Jonathon Wells that he met a while back.

This Photographer is quite extraordinary for a few reasons....
1. He is a very good photographer....
2. He is also a Geologist....
3. He has a studio near Hopewell....
4. He creates unique photo collages depicting landscapes (cities, rolling hills, etc.) and the layers of rock beneath... exposing the beauty that lies underneath.

Jonathon Wells and students
Well, guess what, I reached out and got an answer back that he would be willing to talk to our 3rd graders about Art and Rocks! 3rd grade is currently studying rocks and minerals in science so what a perfect time to match up Art and Science.

We set up Mr. Wells' photographs on tables in the the All Purpose Room. The longest photograph stretches 7 feet! The kids "gallery walked" the table which were set up in a large "U" shape admiring the dozen or so images.
Each photograph is as impressive in the visible photography skills of Mr. Wells as much so as the amazing accuracy in the layers of rocks that he has photographed underneath Boston, New York City and numerous places around the U.S.
Just imagine how difficult that is to photograph layers of rock and to arrange those layers beautiful as a collage under an equally beautiful landscape photograph....

The Third graders asked Mr. Wells really great questions that reflect how much they are learning in science and how interested they are in learning about rocks and minerals.
Students at the start of the U shaped viewing line
I always feel proud to work for my school district (and BT in particular), but felt a new sense of pride in being able to connect two areas of interest for our kids and with the perfect guest speaker.

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