Monday, March 11, 2013

Grade 1: Cats, Birds and Sketchbooks

I just adore my 1st graders. On Friday, with Mrs. Weidman's class,  we had such a nice conversation about a new project we started. The kids really liked looking at Swiss painter Paul Klee's "Cat with Bird". We talked about how silly it is that the cat has a bird on it's forehead, among other things relating to the painting and life as a cat.
 The kids asked if they could draw a bird on their cats forehead or on top of it's head. My answer: OF COURSE YOU CAN...but draw it in pencil first to make sure you're happy with it :-)
I had some really nice scraps of paper left over and decided to make each of the kids a sketchbook to take home. 
Mariella's sketchbook and Aaron's day 1 cat w/ bird

Paul Klee "Cat and Bird"

Logged 20 pages of reading in for March Reading Challenge

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