Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy September!

Happy September and Welcome Back! So, it's 90 degrees here in New Jersey but the heat couldn't slow down the awesome start to the school year today. It was so great to see the Bear Tavern students excited for another year. Ten years ago I was a first year teacher. Time truly does fly. I think about those years, eight of which have been spent in public schools, in terms of the experiences and the faces. This school year, I can only think about my current 5th graders and how it was just yesterday that they were tiny first graders, had the cutest little smiles with two front teeth missing and how we used to sing songs while making art. Every single time, the sun would find a way through the window to those little, happy voices. And at the time, I remember always feeling pure joy from those moments because the rest of the world stopped. Any feelings of nerves that I had from being new to the building back then would just disappear. My 5th graders don't necessarily know what exactly those special times meant to me or that I even remember those little moments back in 2010.

The hardest part about being an elementary art teacher is missing the kids when they move up to middle school. After seeing the kids grow and mature and become such talented artists over several years, it truly is tough not to see them daily/weekly anymore. It's so tough. So, I kind of see each class as a special moment because what other choice do I have?
...and Now.

I begin this school year feeling so glad to have the opportunity to teach art to such wonderful children. 

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