Monday, September 29, 2014

The Art Store

I'm loving our new "Art Store" for a couple of reasons. 
1. The name is catchy and the kids are right in synch with it and 
2. This counter area is staying super organized and neat due to having a specific purpose. I chose this long counter because it is an under-utilized, central space in the room. 

The Art store isn't new, but the name sure is. We've always had a "supply table" but how blah does that sound in comparison? I found myself reminding the kids where the particular supplies were and now they just gravitate right to "The Art Store" for those dry, everyday supplies like rulers, tape, colored pencils, Sharpies, oil pastels, paper, etc. Who doesn't love to shop? I told the kids to leave their wallets at home because the art supplies are for their use, free of charge. We all kind of daydreamed a bit about shopping at a free store....
Thanks go to Tennessee Rock Star art teacher and fellow blogger Cassie Stephens who has a similar name for her supply area which is where I got this neat idea. I think she calls hers "The Art Supply Store". 
Check out her blog:

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