Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kindergarten Pandas

A few weeks ago, the kindergarteners returned to the art room to create an Eric Carle inspired piece of art. Every year at this time, I sneak in Asian inspired art, when possible, to pay tribute to Chinese New Year. 
There are so many wonderful books by Carle. I decided not to focus on a particular book and to focus on just parts of his style instead and facts about panda bears (slowly becoming one of my favorite animals). They are reading a TON of Carle books in their classroom.
We made these panda scrolls happily together. Since I last saw the KG classes in the Fall, they've already grown so much!
We began with drawing and painting a cute panda bear face. 
Then on to the collages bamboo forest! We altered, layered, and experimented with tissue paper and assorted paper to create these fantastic backgrounds and then glued the panda face down.
Look at those cute faces! 

Check out the display of the pandas when you're at BT for the Book Fair kick-off on Friday evening!

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