Thursday, February 9, 2012

1st Grade: Jim Dine Hearts

Jim Dine is an American Pop Artist. He does an awesome job using the heart (shape) as his subject.

 Kindergarten created oil pastel and painted hearts for their Square 1 Art project in September but I really wanted to show the 1st graders Jim Dine's work. So for this project, we did a Jim Dine spin-off.
After viewing Jim Dine's work and talking about the similarities, 1st graders practiced drawing hearts to fill a rectangular 5"x7" space. Next, they glued foil to a piece of mat board and smoothed it out. They transferred their heart drawing to the foil and outlined in sharpie marker. 
Next up was to use a ruler to make the hearts look abstracted and fragmented. Then they filled in their fragmented parts using repeated lines, shapes and/or other designs. 
and here's some examples of progress made today (unfinished)....

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