Friday, February 10, 2012

Grade 2: Cardinals in the Snow

One of my very favorite projects so far this year. My second graders at Toll Gate finished their Cardinal portraits this week. I am looking forward to sharing this project with my kids at Bear Tavern before the winter is over. 

We began this project studying Cardinals. Shape, characteristics, color. After drawing a cardinal, students added fabulous branches into their compositions. We explored painting techniques galore for this project.
Of course, when students finished, I showed them how to draw the most famous cardinal... the Angry Bird.

Art Teacher Side note mumble: during this entire project, the kids knew they were creating a great piece of art  and they really enjoyed this project. However, the 15 minutes we spent drawing the the Angry Birds was their favorite part. 
I felt better when they rushed me to take down the display because they couldn't wait to take the cardinal paintings home. Of course the paintings went home that same day. Art is to be shared.

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