Monday, January 13, 2014

Grade 4: Radial Designs

We had a ton of fun and success creating radial designs in fourth grade with a touch of repousse added to the centers. My 4th graders never cease to amaze me with their positive attitudes, creative ideas and skills. 
I saw this project on pinterest via Laura over at Painted Paper blog. I modified the lesson slightly choosing to use white paper as our starting point. I had my students create their designs in quadrants. They outlined their designs in Sharpie and then used a mix of crayons and colored pencils to achieve the vibrant colors. We used copper tooling foil for the repousse centers. Enjoy these beauties, I sure am!


  1. I am so smiling at your post... I just scheduled my post on our radial design images for tomorrow. It is so very much like yours... Thanks for sharing. You will have to check mine out tomorrow at

    1. I just checked out your post. Wasn't it fun to hang the display? I felt like I was at Anthropologie hanging a bohemian style display window :-)