Monday, January 13, 2014

PD Mumble: 2014 Art of Ed Winter Conference

When I arrived home today, there was a box waiting from The Art of Ed! I opened the box as quickly as I would if it came from Anthropologie or another favorite store. 

Inside were some sample art goodies hand-selected by the Art of Ed Founder Jessica Balsley. 

 My favorites are a nice sized container of one of my favorite brands of ceramic glazes, Speedball.
Also, a copy of Scholastic Art that I never received, a funny button and a new product called "Playcolor". I really like the Playcolor but it's quite pricey :-(

Playcolor Sticks

The Art of Ed online conference is later on this month on a Saturday. My colleague Gillian Beck and I are getting excited about doing professional development from the comfort of our homes. It will be a neat experience considering that the Art of Ed blog is a well executed, wonderful resource for Art Educators. We are excited about what info will be shared and feeling the connection to some knowledgeable people.
For more info on the conference and to sign up ---> The Art of Ed

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