Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grade 4: Clay Castles

Clay castles are a project that we haven't been able to do each year due to time constraints, but I am happy that I could add this project in this year for my 4th graders (4B, 4V, 4M).
Below are a few pictures that I took on Monday. The school schedule has been so irregular recently, I am amazed we got this project in and it feels as though some classes took ages to complete it due to so many missed days!

We began by viewing a slideshow that detailed parts of a castle and using the iPads to look at different types of castles and their towers. Next was to create a sketch to follow. 
We discussed different methods of handbuilding in clay and students chose the best method for themselves. 
I really love the details that many students put on their castles.

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