Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Random Mumble: Best Part of the Day

Today had many good moments, teaching and otherwise. 
Actually, as I think about it, each and every class impressed me in some unique way today. 
With Mrs. Finnegan's 3rd grade class, it felt as though we could just spend the class period talking about Van Gogh and Lego Sculptures. With Van Gogh, I was impressed at how much my lovelies remembered from last year but moreso how great it was to analyze The Starry Night with them. We discussed line and color and the night sky on the French countryside. While I know a lot about Van Gogh, I feel personal fulfillment when a student asks me a question that I can't answer with 100% certainty. Why? Well, because the question must have been a great one and it requires me to learn more and think about my favorite artist in a new way. We explored making marks to indicate movement via charcoal and natural colored paper in honor of Van Gogh's beautiful preliminary sketches that ended up becoming the famous painting.
Here are a few photos of my students working. 

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