Monday, April 13, 2015

The Art of the Brick= A Must See!

One of the best parts of spring break was spending the day in Philly taking in the joy of the city, the warm spring air and checking out "The Art of Brick" exhibit at the Franklin Institute. 
I know that words like "awesome" and "amazing" and "cherish" and "adore" and "fantastic", "love", inspired", etc, etc. are a huge part of my vocabulary but seriously, this exhibit was all of these things. The price isn't cheap for a family of 4 but we went anyway and made a full day of the city. The exhibit was worth every penny in inspiration and looks amazement on our faces. Nathan Sawaya is the man behind the phenomenal sculptures all created from Legos. Thing is, he not only creates famous art reproductions in Legos but he creates the most outstanding figurative sculptures using anywhere from 1,700 Lego bricks up to 80,000. Without spoiling the exhibit, lets just say his work takes you on a journey. Curated beautifully, we traveled from room to room soaking up the creative and technical genius of Sawaya. 

'Yellow" is the iconic Sawaya sculpture on all of the advertisements. It's fantastic to see the sculpture of a chest being torn open with Legos spilling out. 

Below are a few more pictures from the exhibit. I took dozens of pictures but here are a few. 

Tree Hugger
Sawaya does public installations of tree huggers. Here I am at the photo op "station" hugging a fake tree.

I truly hope that you can take the time this spring or summer to visit this exhibit. You will not regret it.

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