Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd Grade Assignment: "Genius of Little Things"

All Second grade classes:

From the time you receive your brown paper assignment bag in art class until the due date listed below, it is your job to collect 50-100 "little things" from everyday life. You will select ONE type of item and then collect 50-100 of the exact same item. (Small variations in the item are okay)

Tara Donovan is a Sculptor that creates huge sculptures using everyday objects in an interesting way. Because she uses tons of the exact same object to create her sculptures, the sculptures are very interesting and help you to appreciate the everyday "little things" better. 

"It's not about how many, it's what they come together to create"

Some examples of items you can collect in your bag are: pencils, pens, buttons, paper clips, hair ties, little caps, straws, name it. Think about a tiny everyday object that you come across a lot. If you collected 50-100 of them, will they ALL be small enough to fit in your bag? Can you alter the size so that they do fit??
Would the object be interesting to create a sculpture out of?
You will be using your "little things" in art to create a fantastic sculpture that will be simply "genius"
See below for more information on Tara Donovan! 

P.S. If you can find "little things" that you would normally throw away, save the environment and use those "little things" in this art project!

Tara Donovan, Genius of Little Things

Styrofoam Cups!
Person standing UNDER styrofoam cups installation! They look like hornet nests, or hives don't they?

Tara Donovan is an inventive young sculptor whose installations bring wonder to the most common objects of everyday life. Donovan’s site-specific, sculptural works transform ordinary accumulated materials into intriguing visual and physical installations. Choosing a single object – such as a transparent drinking straw, scotch tape, a Styrofoam cup, or a paper clip – Donovan experiments with assembling it in different ways. Sensitive to the specific needs of her materials and the nature of her exhibit spaces, her installations are often arranged in ways reminiscent of geological or biological forms.


Thank you to....
Eve. A fabulous 2nd grade artist who inspired this grade level project when she recently 
shared a Tara Donovan inspired project with me that she created at The Met.

START COLLECTING NOW- you have a little over one month!

Due Dates by Homeroom Teacher:
2 Dippery: Monday, 1/9/2011
2 Drake: Thursday, 1/12/2011
2 McCarty: Friday, 1/13/2011
2 Booz: Wednesday, 1/11/2011

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