Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5th Grade Art Enrichment: Portraits

Here's a peek at the celebrity portraits Art Enrichment is working on. They are doing a fabulous job! The kids are working to draw the other half of a celebrity face they chose for themselves. By attempting to match the face they are going to learn a ton about how to draw accurate faces.
Key concepts for day 2:
1. Be patient when drawing realistically
2. Use your judgement-if it looks funny, it (facial parts) probably are off
3. Proportions matter and the eyes matter even more
4. The Element of Design VALUE is critical when making people look real.
5. Look, really look before you draw. Don't assume, look and draw

I am so impressed with how day 2 of this project is going. The kids are really measuring proportions well and creating a great outline foundation for the faces that will be shaded later.

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