Sunday, November 20, 2011

4th grade Repousse

What do the 4th graders and I share in common? We love these functional art repousse boxes that we are making!
After discussing metal work and copper tooling, I hope students appreciate the skill it takes to make intricate designs in metals of all thicknesses.

After creating a sketch of a sun or flower, students followed step to create a nice repousse design. Day 2 was to paint the boxes with metallic paints
Eva N.

We discussed the outside of the box and how to make it more ornate. One 4th grader suggested utilizing the scrap metal to add metal designs in areas on the sides of the boxes. What do you think I said? YES! Let's go for it! So students have the option of utilizing the scrap metal if they choose.

Here are a few works in progress

Adding india ink to make the copper look antiqued
Getting set to paint the box

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