Monday, November 14, 2011

Clay Rocks

I've been branded by the term "ROCKS" and thought I'd start this post explaining why I use the term a good bit.
When I was teaching over at Timberlane, the middle schoolers used the term "rocks" a LOT. Well, now it's 2 years later and although I am no longer at Timberlane, the term has stuck.
At Bear Tavern and Toll Gate we LOVE clay. It's awesome... it rocks!
Here are the place mats that I made last year for use while creating ceramic projects and/or glazing them. I just took them out and will be using them a ton.

Abigale working on her guppy @ BT

On each place mat there are ceramic vocabulary terms highlighting handbuilding methods, the kiln, glazes and tools. 
I want my students to have a good art vocabulary and will be working to increase their working vocabulary in several ways. 

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  1. This is awesome! Why didn't I think of it? Thank you for the idea!!