Saturday, November 12, 2011

Iron Pour

Last week I posted that Grounds for Sculpture was having an Iron Pour. It was incredible!
Witnessing sculptors of heavy duty and industrial materials work is amazing and I have a tremendous amount of respect for these sculptors.
Think about it... melted metals like iron being poured to create incredibly large and/or intricately small works.

Leading the pour was local Sculptor Rory Mahon. See the pictures below of the funace, the molten hot iron being poured into molds and other images. In the museum building @ GFS, Rory and others have iron work on display along with some sketches I really loved of Steve Tobins' Aerial Roots.
Steve Tobin working on a roots sculpture
Coal to heat furnace
furnace... boy does it get hot!
Rory's wife, Ayami Aoyama who sculpts from stone like heavy duty granite was also there along with a whole gang of incredible sculptors. A fantastic day.
Liquid iron being poured into mold
The scratch molds. Nice designs!
Rory Mahon, Sculptor.
Look @ all of his protective clothing!

LOVE this Sumi-E sketch by Tobin

My Tots on Tour group checking out Aerial Roots
Random, un-assembled sculpture on Johnson Atelier property. Large sculptures are created in pieces that join together. Makes transporting and creating them easier

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